Cottage by the Sea

3 June 2021

Moremac is proud to have partnered with leading Victorian builder, Boutique Homes, to build one of their premium homes to benefit local not-for-profit charity, Cottage by the Sea. Funds raised from the sale of this home will support the expansion of Cottage by the Sea’s much-loved Riptide building in Queenscliff.

    Co-Founder of Moremac Property Group, Duncan McLellan, said on behalf of Moremac that supporting Cottage by the Sea in expanding the Riptide building in Queenscliff is an honour.
    “Cottage by the Sea has been empowering young people through their programs for over 130 years. Receiving no government assistance they rely solely on donations from the community to keep providing the happy memories that all children deserve, for Moremac, it’s been fantastic to give back to a charity that makes such a difference to our local families.”
    On a mission to enhance the lives of young people by providing inspirational and fun opportunities within a holiday environment, Cottage by the Sea offers tailored camp programs for children in need, across four coastal locations around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.
    Cottage by the Sea CEO, Adam Wake, explains that funds raised from the sale of the charity home will support the expansion of Cottage by the Sea’s much-loved Riptide building in Queenscliff, allowing it to continue accommodating camp groups and families.
    “Taking part in school camps is proven to bring positive, long-lasting benefits to children, helping build confidence, form healthy relationships and friendships and improve physical and emotional wellbeing, in addition to increased engagement in school and greater career prospects. We already have 51 camps booked for 2021 and an additional 25 respite holidays at Riptide for families in need.”
    This notable home will be given a prime position at The Point with both water and park-facing views. A bright and welcoming four-bedroom, two-bathroom home, the Barcelona comes with huge windows and high ceilings to take advantage of its position overlooking the spectacular waterways at The Point. At 32 square metres and featuring expansive living areas, this impressive family abode is perfectly designed for coastal living.
    Boutique Homes has begun construction of the home in April 2021, in collaboration with Cottage by the Sea and Moremac Property Group – the developer of The Point, with the auction to follow in January 2022.
    Giving back to the local community and sustainability are priorities that The Point will continue to improve on. Recently awarded the 2020 Winner of the UDIA Environmental Excellence Award and The Judges’ Award for Regional Victoria for our Enviro Development efforts, this initiative is yet another way Moremac can ensure a bright future for the community of Point Lonsdale.