Progress of Waterway Infrastructure Continues

29 October 2020

As part of the ongoing delivery of the waterway infrastructure at The Point, we have now entered the next significant phase of works.


This will involve the construction of 5 x 1.2m wide concrete culverts from the north side of the Bellarine Highway to the southside to join up with the existing waterway adjacent to Cowry Way.

The first part of these works involved the relocation of the 450mm diameter trunk water main for Queenscliff. The final tie-in of this new water main was undertaken overnight on October the 13th, under Barwon Water’s direction to minimise disruption to water pressure for residents.

After a long night of very-organised, but intensive, construction work this major job was completed successfully. Considering that this pipe is the main water supply to Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale, failure was not an option!

This project was very challenging, to say the least, and the successful outcome is the result of many months of:

  • detailed planning;
  • intelligent and pragmatic design;
  • extensive consultation and ongoing collaboration with Barwon Water; and
  • very skilled and organised construction work under highly challenging site conditions and time constraints.


The next phase of these works will see the commencement of the culvert works themselves, which will commence in the New Year and will be completed by the end of the second quarter. The earthen bund will be reformed and landscaped with trees, shrubs and walking paths.