20 August 2020

Moremac Property Group continues its partnership with the Bellarine Catchment Network (BCN) and in their latest initiative they have planted over 5,000 Indigenous seedlings in the future conservation reserve at The Point, Point Lonsdale.

Despite current challenges BCN completed the planting alongside the newly developed, picturesque waterway.

This initial phase saw the important ecological revegetation with over 1,000 Coastal Moonah Woodland and 4,000 Coastal Saltmarsh, using local provenance which retains local genetic diversity.

BCN Biodiversity Coordinator, Lachlan Forbes said the goal is to continue planting and growing Indigenous species in their local environments. Importantly the seedlings planted were propagated from seeds sourced on site at The Point.

“Our aim is to restore local ecosystems as close as possible to their original state of hundreds of years ago,” Mr Forbes said.

“It’s great to see The Point using their resources to actively enhance and restore the local environment but also spread awareness about the cause.”

The project offers important long-term environmental benefits

“The Saltmarsh is also important in safeguarding species that are at risk of endangerment,” Mr Forbes said.

“The vegetation helps to halt the progression of animals nearing extinction, including the likes of the Orange-bellied Parrot whose food sources lives amongst the vegetation planted.”

Moremac Property Group Director, Bryce Moore said we are proud to continue our partnership with BCN which was established in 2015.

“It is important that we play our part in enhancing and restoring the natural environment and ecosystems in and around The Point, and the revegetation of the conservation reserve is a key component of our plans” Mr Moore said. When complete, over 100,000 plants propagated from seeds sourced on site at The Point will have been planted within the conservation reserve.

The project is just one example of the many community initiatives pursued at The Point.

For more information on these community initiatives, visit thepointpointlonsdale.com.au or facebook.com/caringforourbays.

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